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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Reverse Electroplating Gold and Platinum.

I will be adding a lot more in this interesting topic into my scrap metal adventure site,

heres some snippets to feed the mind...

The anodes for gold and platinum plating are typically platinized titanium, so that material can be used as the cathode in the setup you are describing -- but stainless steel is usually good enough, depending on the particular plating bath.

For electrodeposition of gold and other metals you need a high Current , low voltage power source..


My thoughts would be to use the power supply from an old pool clorinator as it will be similarly high current, low voltage.

This type of electroplating technique would need to be performed in a ceramic or fiberglass container devoid of metals.

" The simplicity refiner from Shor to refine karat gold. The alloy is dissolved into a saltwater solution by using either a rectifier or battery charger (12 v 10 amp+) then the gold is precipitated by adding a powdered chemical (I believe is sodium metabisulfite). The "mud" is collected rinsed and dried and melted back to 999.5+ purity. "


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  2. This is quite impressive for metals. I have been wondering how it's done.Glad that I have come across your blog. Thank you for the information.